About Us

Apps pages is a Mobile Electronic Exhibition Centre which remain the function of the traditional vocabulary search engine and according to business classification guide.

Apps Pages create Environment Search Engine(ESS)

The first characteristic of ESS

Grouping the same category with different type sub-category combination in a same group, classify category more clear cut. Help user easily find merchant through online system, our communication method design based on different era different communication method.

Apps Pages the Second characteristic of ESS

In a same category, different State, will appear different State promotion advertisement.

Apps Pages the Third characteristic

When user search a type of the product or services, the Promotion Advertisement will show based on user searching, this will create 100% prospective customer base to look at the merchant advertisement, this also help merchant save the advertising costs.

Apps Pages platform help traditional merchant to establish e-commerce center, so that each of traditional merchant have their own e-commerce shop, to avoid the traditional business being eliminated by modern online shopping era. To help traditional merchant to build their company's brand and publicity to public, so that traditional businesses become a stronger.